April 18 – May 9, 2019

Opening Thursday, April 18 from 7 – 9 pm

Mast Books is pleased to present Shifting Landscapes Opposing Prophecies, a solo exhibition by Peter Sutherland. This new body of work continues to push the medium of photography forward through digital and analogue techniques of layering, cropping, and repetition. Using inkjet on vinyl, a material designed for window decals, Sutherland collages both under and on top of the surface of the glass frame, incorporating its structure into the work. The photographs, shot in Colorado, Nevada, California, New York City, and Wyoming, are in keeping with the artist’s focus on familiar and personal subject matter.

Close ups of flowers and wide views of the untouched, open spaces of the American West are contrasted with the scarred landscapes of suburban areas and outskirts, unfinished houses, drainage ditches and graffiti. Sutherland describes this as “beauty with mankind embedded into it”, and is interested in how these landscapes can show us a past, present and future with both optimism and uncertainty. These “places in transition” are paired with portraits, domestic scenes, found materials, and infinitely repeating phone screens. The final works bring up questions about what is important to us in the various stages of our lives, and how those ideas can exist simultaneously in the present.

Growing up in Colorado, Sutherland has always had a close relationship with nature, and believes in the power of art to incite change. He has chosen to donate all proceeds from the show to the National Resources Defence Council, an international environmental advocacy group based in New York, which advocates for laws and policies meant to protect the environment by reducing global warming, limiting pollution, and generally conserving energy and increasing sustainability. For more information about the NRDC, please go to and find out how to get involved.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a limited edition book published in collaboration with Peter Sutherland.

Peter Sutherland (b. 1976, Ann Arbor, Michigan) lives and works in New York City. Select solo exhibitions have been held at the Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis (2016); The Still House Group, New York (2015, 2014); Galerie Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels (2014); White Cube Gallery, London (2014); Bill Brady KC Gallery, Kansas (2013); and ATM Gallery, New York (2008). Sutherland’s work has been featured in a number of group exhibitions, including shows at Bahamas Biennial, Detroit (2018, 2016); Journal Gallery, New York (2015); The Still House Group, London (2015); and the Museum Dhont-Dhaenens, Lys, Belgium (2014).

Please contact Mast Books at (646) 370-1114 or for more information.

Mast Books / Peter Sutherland is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) or any of its programs, projects or websites.